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Welcome To Remnant Church Bible Institute International!
Our Purpose Is To Assist You In Your Calling And Work In The Kingdom Of God.  We Are Working To Help You To Recognize The Presence Of God And Walk In The Anointing Of The Holy Spirit.

We Adhere To The Scripture, Found In 2 Timothy 2:15 - "
Study To Shew Thyself Approved Unto God, A Workman That Needeth Not To Be Ashamed, Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth.
Your Studies Are To Gain The Approval Of The Lord Jesus Christ.  We Will Appreciate And Celebrate You, But Your Main Focus Must Be To Receive The Approval Of The Most High God.

There Is No Financial Cost Or Educational Requirements Attached To Your Enrollment Into The Study Programs Of Remnant Church Bible Institute (RCBI), But There Is A Cost Of Dedication To The Lord, Dedication To Your Calling, Dedication To Your Studies And A Desire To Fulfill The Will Of God In Your Life.

If You Have Questions, You May Contact Us At:

Thank You For Being A Part Of Remnant Church Bible Institute.

In HIS Presence,
Dr. August S. Francis
Chancelor - RCBI
Bishop - Restoration Church

Credentialing Program

Christian Worker

Biblical World View
Creative Bible Study
Foundations Of Faith
The Revelation Of The Cross
Knowing God's Voice


Old Testament Survey
Strategies For Harvest
New Testament Survey
Holy Spirit
Power Principles
Intecessory Prayer
Spiritual Strategies

We recommend "Prepare For War" by Richard Tallent. 

Rick Tallent is also an instructor with RCBI).


However this is optional, because you would need to purchase the book, whereas the Module above is free.

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Battle For The Body
Biblical Management Principles
Environmental Analysis
Manage By Objectives
Read The Bible Through